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“Buracas do Casmilo” – a gift from nature

The “Serra do Sicó”, located a 30 minutes from Coimbra, hides one of the most stunning and incredible natural treasures in the country: the “Vale das Buracas do Casmilo”. What we know today as “Buracas do Casmilo” are rocky shelters in the Covões Valley, in the small

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Cantanhede and Bairrada Wine

The majority of the Cantanhede council is part of what is known as the Bairrada Region (located between the urban centers of Águeda and Coimbra, along a 40km, north-south route) famous for its wine production and for the delicious “Leitão Assado à Bairrada” (roasted suckling pig). Wine

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Milvoz – Association for the Protection and Conservation of Nature

“Milvoz”, created in 2019, is an Association for the Protection and Conservation of Nature founded by a group of citizens who want to give voice, represent and preserve the natural heritage of the Coimbra region. In addition to having the objective of enhancing and protecting areas with

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Great Greenhouse and Cold Greenhouse in the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra, part of the local UNESCO World Heritage, is a natural treasure in the center of the city. The space was created in the 18th century, within the scope of the Pombaline reform, at a time when medicine and botany

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Take a ride on “Barca Serrana” on the Mondego River

The “Barca Serrana” was, in the 19th century and part of the XX century, the most efficient way to transport passengers and goods between Penacova and Coimbra or, if necessary, Figueira da Foz, on the Atlantic coast. A large part of the population of Penacova worked on

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Rebolim River Beach – a paradise hidden in Coimbra

Rebolim river beach is a “small paradise” hidden in Coimbra. Situated on the right bank of the Mondego River, between the University’s “Polo II” campus and the residential area of Portela, it benefits from a secluded privileged location. It is accessible by bicycle, car or public transport.

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The best experiences 30 minutes from Coimbra

Visiting Coimbra is always a good idea! Not only because this is a welcoming town where you will find tradition, comfort and safety but also because Coimbra is located in a privileged area where you can find everything you might want on a vacation: culture, mountains, beach,

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The descent of the Mondego in Canoa

A beautiful route. The descent of the Mondego in Canoa is almost a mandatory activity to do since it is one of the most “popular” and beautiful routes in the center of the country.  There are several companies that organize the descents, being possible to accept individual

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5 unique nature experiences in Coimbra

5 experiences that promote contact with Nature. A river beach with a blue flag, the fresh and healthy air of the “Mata Nacional do Choupal”, a bus ride through the most beautiful areas of the city, a trip through Baixo Mondego by bicycle and a canoe down

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“Praia Fluvial de Torres do Mondego” – a blue flag beach

Include in your visit a day at the “Praia Fluvial Torres do Mondego”. There are several beautiful river beaches along the course of the River Mondego. One of them is the famous “Praia Fluvial de Palheiros and Zorro“, also known as the “Praia Fluvial de Torres do

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