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The “Praça da República”

Mandatory stop in the city’s nightlife

The “Praça da República“, or simply “a Praça” for the “conimbricences”, is the “heart” of Coimbra’s nightlife. With a privileged location, this square is nestled between the “Jardim da Sereia” and beatiful century-old building facades, a few minutes walking from Coimbra’s downtown (“Baixa”) and from the University.

This is a lively square, filled with some of the most well-known and frequented coffees, bars and its many terraces. “Praça da República” is the main meeting point for students and young people of the city. In the center of the square, we find the “Café Cartola”… whose terrace is always full and lively.

The “Praça” is also one of the places chosen for academic traditions, so it is common to find groups of uniformed students initiating freshmen.

Besides, the bars and coffees surounding the “Praça”, you’ll find many other local nightlife landmarks on the nearby streets: “Casa das Caldeiras” industrial heritage bar, “Murphy’s” Irish Pub, “Aqui Base Tango” vintage bar, NB nightclub, Steel Coimbra restaurant/bar, Tasca de Santana Wine&Cocktail bar and many more.

It is also there that the Student Association is headquartered and where we find the Gil Vicente Academic Theater.

Experiencing this nightlife area is therefore a must for those visiting the City of Students.

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