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Coimbra is the most important city in the Center of Portugal, which provides visitors and locals with the opportunity to enjoy the gastronomic culture of the surrounding region, while also presenting a cosmopolitan offer. Hotel Oslo benefits from a privileged location, next to the largest offering of restaurants in Coimbra, including some of the most traditional and revered ones. Gastronomy is a true art perfected over the years and is, by itself, a huge reason to visit the city of Coimbra – and not just for food enthusiasts.

Many of these enthusiasts guarantee that the best dish in this Portuguese region is the “leitão”, reasted suckling pig, from Bairrada, accompanied with local sparkling wine. But others prefer the traditional “chanfana”, sheep or goat roasted in wine, or “lampreia”, lamprey, rice, not forgetting those who love the soft cheese of “Serra da Estrela”.

However, the offer is so great and so diverse that it would not be fair to summarize our Gastronomy to these delicacies.

All starts with the Tascas de Coimbra that are part of the cultural heritage of the city, with a connection of centuries between popular life and student life. The Tascas de Coimbra have always been a bohemian place, where the food is simple but very tasty and served without labels. Fried “Petingas”, small sardines, boiled bones “ossos”, liver stakes “iscas” … all accompanied by retail wine or the famous “traçadinho”, wine with soda. You must know at least one of our Tascas.

Find out about the most refined and romantic restaurants. An Italian that offers an intimate connection with the Mondego River, an author’s kitchen at the “Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas” known for the beautiful love story of D. Inês de Castro and D. Pedro that unfolded there, options with breathtaking views over the city like Loggia and also a cozy restaurant in a schist village. Places to enjoy for two.

Nowadays the concern with healthy eating is increasing and that is why there are several Restaurants that offer vegetarian options. Coimbra has options of vegetarian Portuguese dishes, Indian food, Vegan hamburgers and, also, macrobiotic food.

We also have to mention two restaurants that offer a concept that makes them Unique: “Praxis“, a Beer Factory, Restaurant and Museum in Coimbra where you will learn the process of brewing beer and, obviously, taste one of the four (or even the four) signature beers; “Refeitro” invites you to know the art of the manufacture of ceramics in Coimbra because, in the same space, there is a historic hundreds of years old pottery. Discover some more of Coimbra’s unique restaurants on our blog.

Pastéis de Tentúgal

And as the best is for the end, we end with Desserts and Conventual Sweets. Coimbra’s heritage of conventual sweets is rich and their history is too. “Pastel de Santa Clara”, “Pastéis de Tentugal”, “Pudim das Clarissas”, “Arrufada” and much more. For the sweet tooth, our sweets are a perdition.

And the best part is that, during your stay in Coimbra, you will be able to find and enjoy all this gastronomic richness, right outside the Hotel Oslo Coimbra.
To find out, check out our blog about Coimbra.

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    Sweet News in Downtown
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    Passeite – Taberna do Azeite in Coimbra
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    Sete Restaurant
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  • Restaurant Zé Manel dos Ossos
    Restaurant Zé Manel dos Ossos
    A traditional restaurant in downtown It is in the hidden “Beco do Forno” (number 12), in Downtown, that you find one of the most well...
  • Tábua da Moura
    Tábua da Moura
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  • Passport Lounge
    Passport Lounge
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  • The Historical Zé Neto
    The Historical Zé Neto
                          Permanently Closed....
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