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Restaurants with excellent vegetarian options in Coimbra

Are you a vegetarian? This text is for you.

Nowadays the focus on eating healthy or lowering one’s impact on the enviroment is increasing and, therefore, many restaurants in downtown already offer in their menus vegetarian dishes, including a few twists of local receipes. Refeitro’s menu includes several options, for exemple: Fresh cheese salad and curd with balsamic reduction, “Brás” of Leek and Mushroom, and crispy rabaçal cheese with pumpkin jam and toasted almonds. The restaurant Sete is not behind in the number of options, and we highlight: Cold soup, poached egg with peas, spring onions and tomato, “Açorda” of mushroom with vegetable bouquet. Indian food lovers can indulge in GUL & GULS, an Indian restaurant, because the vegetarian dishes, with or without some spice, are many: Potato Curry and Cauliflower, Vegetable Curry, Vegetable Blend with cream and fruit salad among many others. For hamburger lovers, we highlight the Ultimate Veggie Burger with vegetables and fruit from La Vara and the Veggie Burger from the Cordel Maneirista. And we need to talk about Cozinha Consciente, in Topázio Galleries, a space dedicated exclusively to organic vegan cuisine with macrobiotic inspiration – only for lunch, Monday to Friday. They offer two dishes made with seasonal products and the menu is a daily surprise.

Fangas Veg
Rua de Fernandes Tomás, 45, 3000-168 Coimbra
Contacto: 934 093 636

Address: Quinta do Prior, 2 and 4, 3000-339 Coimbra
Contact: 239 820 080

Address: Rua Martins Carvalho 8, 3000-190 C0imbra
Contact: 239 060 065

Address: Avenida Emídio Navarro 37, 3000-150 Coimbra
Contact: 239 094 191

La Vara:
Address: Avenida João das Regras 52, 3040-256 Coimbra
Contact: 239 151 690

Cordel Maneirista:
Address: Rua Carlos Alberto Pinto de Abreu 4, 3040-252 Coimbra
Contact: 239 164 261

Cozinha Consciente
Address: Rua de Olivença, Galerias Topázio nº9, 2nd floor, 35, 3000-306 Coimbra
Contact: 929 412 000

Address: Rua de Fernandes Thomas 16, 3000-167
Contact:  912 420 635

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