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Visit the “Loja das Meias Coimbra”

Here you will find a service of excellence and reference brands.

The “Loja das Meias Coimbra”, located at Rua Ferreira Borges in downtown Coimbra, belongs to the Carvalho Family since 1961 and is an inescapable reference of the city. At the time, the couple Mr. Cândido Carvalho and Ms. Maria João revolutionized the fashion and elegance of the city, and the “Loja das Meias Coimbra” was a pioneer in the ready-to-wear concept. Most recently, his son Luís Filipe Carvalho and wife Luísa Carvalho took over the family business. Nowadays, the “Loja das Meias Coimbra” has three spaces: one dedicated to men’s fashion, another to fashion for women, and a third space that offers more sporting and affordable brands. There are several national and foreign reference brands that we find in the “Loja das Meias Coimbra”: Paul and Shark, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hugo Boss (Man and Lady), Brax (Man and Lady), Naulover, Aldo Martins, Betty Barclay, Brunella , Refive and others. In addition to the variety of top quality brands, the “Loja das Meias Coimbra” is also distinguished by the personalized service and close to the customer, valuable characteristics of our traditional trade.

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