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Map and Directions

Map and Directions

Hotel Oslo is located in the center of Coimbra downtown, within walking distance to most sites.Hotel Oslo Coimbra is perfectly located both for visiting the city and easy access. The hotel is located near the main roads and the main train station (Coimbra A). Within walking distance of the hotel you can also find bus stops and taxis.

Directions to Hotel Oslo Coimbra or See a bigger map

Detailed Directions to Hotel Oslo – Coimbra

We hope these directions help you find the hotel, if you still have difficulties or doubts do not hesitate to call us on +351 239829071, we will be happy to help!
Conimbricenses may speak great or no English, but they will always be happy to help. In case they don’t know exactly where we are, every one will know the Train Station “Coimbra-A” and we’ll be just around the corner.

By Car

Getting to the hotel by car can be surprisingly easy and we will always have a reserved parking place right in front of the hotel for you! Follow our step-by-step directions and we’ll have you parking at our convenient designated spaces in no time!
Tip: After checking-in, you won’t need to worry about the car any longer, we will happily park it with our free valet service!

Coming from High-Way A1

Driving to to Coimbra by high-way, you’ll find 2 Exits: Coimbra Norte or Coimbra Sul. Both of these exits will drop you on a road that takes you into Coimbra in around 5 minutes. Follow directions to “Coimbra”.

Coimbra Norte Exit/IC2

If you take this exit, you should leave the access road towards the small “Centro de Coimbra” sign that appears in a tight curve. This will take you to a trafficked rockbound that may be tricky, you should go straight in front, while keeping on the 2 right side lanes. This should take you into Av. Fernao de Magalhaes(our street!). Zoom into the map for detail on how to approach the round-abound:

Follow directions on “Av. Fernao de Magalhaes”.

Coimbra Sul Exit

If you take Coimbra Sul exit, the access road will lead you into a large round-abound. Here you should keep going straight. After you’ll see the city and the river. Cross the river and take the first exit just after it. This will take you to another round-abound, take a right turn there into Av. Fernao de Magalhaes(our street!). Zoom into the map for detail on how to approach this step:

Follow directions on “Av. Fernao de Magalhaes”.

Avenida Fernao de Magalhaes

When at the Avenue, it should be easy to find us. You should follow the avenue towards the center until you’ll find Hotel Oslo Coimbra in front of you. You’ll have to go around the hotel building and then comfortably stop at our designated reserved places.
Zoom into the map for detail:

By Train

Central Train Station: Coimbra – A

Hotel Oslo Coimbra is less than 100 meters away from Coimbra-A train station. National trains only stop at Coimbra-B station but there is a free connection to Coimbra-A.
Coming out of the station through the main door, take a left, opposite to the river.
Take a look at the map for detail on how to quickly reach us.

Coimbra – B Train Station

Coimbra-B train station is mostly a connecting station between national, regional and local trains. It is located just outside Coimbra. If you take a national train from Porto or from Lisbon to Coimbra, it will certainly stop there. All tickets will include a free 5 minute ride to Coimbra-A. To find your way to the city center you should change trains by looking for the trains heading to “Coimbra” in the screens. Hotel Oslo Coimbra is closely located to the central station.
Tip: Usually you would find a connection within a few minutes, but sometimes there may be longer periods when there are no connecting trains. If so, you might want to take a taxi. A ride to through Coimbra to the hotel won’t cost you more than 4,00 euros.

By Bus/Expresso

Coimbra Express Bus station, where the national and regional buses stop, is located 800 meters away from Hotel Oslo, about 10 walking minutes. You can easily reach the hotel by following Avenida Fernao Magalhaes in the direction of the city center (opposite to McDonalds). When getting closer to the end of the avenue, you’ll find Hotel Oslo right in front of you. Check the map for details on this path.
Tip: Av. Fernao Magalhaes is not the most interesting walking area in the city. If you carrying bags, it might be a better and more comfortable option to take a taxi from the bus station to the hotel. It shouldn’t cost you more that 3,50 euros.

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