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Laboratorio Chimico

Once we’ve established that Coimbra is undoubtedly a city of the future, let’s go back to the past, almost to the origin of the city’s need to innovate. In the eighteenth century, one of the greatest Portuguese scientific centers was located in Coimbra: we are talking about the historic Laboratorio Chimico, the same building that currently houses the renowned Museum of Science, in the University area.

The laboratory was built at the behest of the Marquis of Pombal, in 1772. It was a revolution at the time, becoming the first institution specifically created for teaching chemistry in Portugal, as well as researching in this field. The construction was supervised by the military engineer William Elsden, director of the University’s reform.

After more than 200 years, in 2006, the same building received the modern Science Museum, which you must visit if you are in Coimbra. The permanent exhibition, “Secrets of Light and Matter”, is interactive and extremely interesting for visitors of any age.

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