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Académica: Football and Freedom

3450579276_be335e7e1dWith the students returning to Coimbra in September, we want to remember the history of the city’s emblematic football club. Académica’s Football Organism, known as Académica de Coimbra, is quite special. Not only because of its ancient history (the AAC is the oldest club in Portugal playing in the major league), but also because of its symbolism.

The “students’ team” wears black since its creation, a reference to the traditional academic costume worn by students at the University. The nickname was born in the 60s, when the team was composed of students. They became historical figures after protesting against the Portuguese dictatorial regime.

But there are more magnificent moments that stand out in Académica’s history: one of them is the historical victory achieved in 1939, when the team won the first Cup of Portugal. This victory was followed by an interregnum that lasted73 years and was only broken in 2012, when Académica won the trophy for the second time.

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