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Cultural Coimbra keeps its commercial spirit wide awake

We all know that the past shapes the present and the future. Therefore, the fact that Coimbra is still a trading city is not a surprise to anyone. Coimbra’s past has been shaped by centuries of tradition and many generations of traders who helped build the city we all know today.

You probably have guessed by now that this month we are dedicating our brochure to one of Coimbra’s biggest traditions: local trade and small businesses. We hope you enjoy what we have to show you and decide to visit the city center to experience the exclusive local products that Coimbra has to offer!

The city’s historical center is the perfect place to buy your souvenirs and much more.

Coimbra’s historical center has been a divided area since the Middle Ages: between the upper University area, dedicated to knowledge and culture, and the downtown area, dedicated to trade and development. Several centuries later, tradition is still respected and the downtown center continues to be the perfect place to buy the best locally-sourced products.

Although local merchants no longer use the river Mondego to transport goods as they used to do, the commercial tradition remains. Today, Coimbra is home to amazing stores and brands, especially since the historical city center – where the Hotel Oslo is located – became a World Heritage site thanks to UNESCO.

Regardless of the time of the year you choose to visit Coimbra, we advise you to leave the hotel and walk for a few minutes to get to one of the numerous stores, restaurants and cafes waiting for you in the city center.

The traditional Loja das Meias (Rua Ferreira Borges), for example, is the perfect example of trading longevity. The store opened in 1931 and remains one of the most respected houses in the area. The nearby Casa dos Linhos (Rua Visconde de Luz) has a similar story: the store has been open for 56 years. However, the traditional businesses also evolved and Coimbra now has a number of modern shops worth visiting.

You can choose the vintage style offered by Banana Chiclete – Permanently Closed. (Arco da Almedina) or something more irreverent at stores like Coimbra Concept Store – Permanently Closed. (Av. Sá da Bandeira) and Gang of Four (Rua Visconde da Luz).

But if you would rather discover products that are able to awake your palate or some of your other senses, you can find the best local crafts and the most delicious regional flavors in places like O Encanto da Freiria (Largo da Freiria), Coisas e Sabores (Praça 8 de Maio), Mercearia A Camponesa (Rua da Louça), Anthrop (Rua de Fernandes Thomas) or Casa de Fruta e Artesanato Maria Alice (Rua da Louça). These are just two examples of the best products that Coimbra has to offer! Now, are you ready to go shopping?

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