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Exhibition “ÉFE-ÉRRE-Á – Moments of University Life”

Here “the visitor is challenged to revive his memories or, if he doesn’t have them, to better understand who has”. We are talking about the new space “Éfe-Érre-Á – Moments of University Life”, located on the ground floor of “Colégio de Jesus” (part of the UC Science Museum -link), which reorganizes and reinterprets the assets of the Academic Museum of the University of Coimbra (installed in 1987, in the former Colégio de São Jerónimo).

Centuries of “student” stories and memories are now showcased in this space that is divided into four rooms (two of them divided in different areas). Each room evokes and honors an aspect of the academic life of Coimbra. The first room, allowing access to the next room through two different doors (the City and the University), explains the connection between Coimbra and the University of Coimbra, which, with 733 years of history, is the oldest in the country and one of the oldest in the world.

Continuing through the door of the University, one revisits the interior of a classroom. The next room, the sports room, exhibits trophies won by the “Associação Académica de Coimbra” (AAC), highlighting the first Portuguese Football Cup in history won by the AAC team, in 1939. Through the “City gate”, we enter the interior of a Republic and the next room takes us to a more recent history: the “Queima das Fitas“. Here, images of the traditional parade are shown and the float that won the last edition of the “Cortejo”, in 2022, it’s featured. At farewell time, of course, there is music: in the Music room, Fado and protest songs are heard, both musical styles associated with the student life.

As part of the various programs to visit the UC tourist circuit, prices vary between €8 and €17.50.

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