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“Da Serra à Cidade” – a traditional grocery & snacks

Originally from Lisbon but living in Coimbra for 32 years, Ângela considers this city her home. When she found herself unemployed about 2 years ago and with few job prospects due to her age, 51 years old, she decided to open a regional products store. This is how the Traditional Grocery & Snacks “Da Serra à Cidade” was born, today located on the iconic “Rua Corpo de Deus”.

Although the initial idea was just to sell traditional products, the concept quickly changed. This is a space that invites us to come in at any time of the day, sit down and enjoy delicious snacks, cakes and desserts. In the end, most of the products you consumed there you can take home. We talk, for example, about Wines from Selected “Garrafeiras”, Rye Bread that comes directly from Seia, Olive Oil Cookies, “Regueifas”, Preserves, Teas from Portugal, Salt from “Casa do Sal da Figueira da Foz”, Olive Oil from the Olive Oil Museum, Artisanal Chocolates, Honey, Jams, Liqueurs, Cheeses from Seia and Castelo Branco and “Alheiras” from Tábua. Ângela tries to offer products that are as artisanal as possible.

We highlight from the eat-in menu the Avocado Toast, the Caramelized Curd Toast, the canned Cavala fish Toast, the Sausage “Pica-Pau”, Cheese Gratin, “Brigadeiro de Bucho” and the Cheese Boards. Not forgetting, of course, traditional desserts: “Tigelada” or “Arroz Doce”, for example. Every day, Ângela complements the Menu with a lunch special and a homemade cake, made by herself. There is also a children’s menu and vegan and vegetarian options.

This space is a “living room” where you want to stay and where people easily interact and communicate with each other, often ending up pulling tables together. It’s a Portuguese house, of course. 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm; Saturday, from 9:30 am to 7 pm.

Contact: 919 041 034.

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