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The Museum Load Zx Spectrum, a tribute to technological evolution

It seems to us a distant reality that where people lived without computers and cell phones, perhaps because of the way these technologies evolved so quickly, in such a short time, and the importance they assume in our personal and professional lives. The Load Zx Spectrum Museum, located in Cantanhede, honors the first personal computer for many portuguese.

A large part of the collection featured in the Museum belongs to the Computer Engineer João Diogo Ramos, who was born in Cantanhede and is recognized as one of the great international collectors in this area.

All the equipment displayed there is properly functional and documented, allowing visitors to discover the history of this “technological wonder”. The Museum is divided into several sections, of which we highlight: explanation of how a computer works and how it was possible to make a computer more affordable; apresentation of Sinclair’s computers line with all models launched by the brand; exhibition that explains why TIMEX took part and details this and other parts of the history of the connection to Portugal; recreation of a room with 1980s decor and a working original Spectrum; and, finally, the visit ends with one of the ex-libris, the electric mobility solution, with the famous Sinclar C5 electric tricycle.

The Museum intends to honor the people who created these magical devices, the games that made them famous, and conclude that “ZX Spectrum remains more alive than ever, with new games and computers available on the market.”

Learn more at; requests for guided tours: 231 429 813.

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