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Milvoz – Association for the Protection and Conservation of Nature

“Milvoz”, created in 2019, is an Association for the Protection and Conservation of Nature founded by a group of citizens who want to give voice, represent and preserve the natural heritage of the Coimbra region.

In addition to having the objective of enhancing and protecting areas with ecological value, they intend to expand these areas through the creation of a network of Bio-Reserves in areas of rich biodiversity and autochthonous forest, acquiring land for management and conservation purposes and promoting volunteering initiatives, conviviality and environmental education.

Also in 2019, through a crowdfunding campaign, acquiring a part of the “Senhora da Alegria” Bio-reserve: the natural reserve, 15 km from Coimbra, works as a refuge for some species (the roe deer, the genet, the otter, and the badger among other animals and plants) whose preservation and conservation is a priority. It’s also the intention of the Association to bring citizens closer to nature and the rich regional biodiversity, building and maintaining visitation trails and biodiversity observation sessions. One of the first steps in acquiring the nature reserve was to improve the pedestrian trail that runs along part of the slope in order to improve access. They also adapted the habitats of the various species, for example, shelters for bats, placement of nests for birds and creation of ponds as breeding boxes. The implementation of all these initiatives is exclusively dependent on the contribution of each person who identifies with the mission of this Association.

To learn more, visit and to visit the Bio Reserve send an e-mail to

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