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“Buracas do Casmilo” – a gift from nature

The “Serra do Sicó”, located a 30 minutes from Coimbra, hides one of the most stunning and incredible natural treasures in the country: the “Vale das Buracas do Casmilo”. What we know today as “Buracas do Casmilo” are rocky shelters in the Covões Valley, in the small and picturesque village of “Casmilo” (a few kilometers from Condeixa-a-Nova), which impress with their unique geological formation. They are what’s left of an enormous cave that once existed inside the mountain. The central part of this mountain collapsed due to water erosion, exposing the side walls of the cave and forming the “Buracas do Casmilo.”

The “Buracas do Casmilo” and the surrounding area are very popular for activities like hiking, climbing, mountaineering and abseiling. The pedestrian trail that exists, starting and ending in the village of Casmilo, is properly signposted and is a great option for all those who want to know and experience this wonder of nature.

The trail is simple and magnificent. There, silence reigns. The air is fresh and invigorating. And as you walk along the path from the village to the valley, you can appreciate the karst/limestone landscape of the region, observe some of its features such as the lapiás fields and admire the imposing Buracas.

The dimensions of the “Buracas” are very variable: the smallest ones can be around 2 to 3 meters wide and 1 to 2 meters deep, the biggest ones can be more than 10 meters in diameter and 5 to 7 meters deep.

Getting to know the “Buracas do Casmilo” Valley is an unmissable and unforgettable experience for all those who enjoy contact with nature.

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