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Romantic hidaways in Coimbra

Coimbra of loves.

In the month when Valentine’s Day is celebrated, we will talk about some of the most romantic places in the city of Coimbra. We start at the “Quinta das Lágrimas” gardens, located on the opposite side of Mondego River, where the famous story of forbidden love between D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro happened. These gardens are a true plant museum containing species from all over the world. We suggest a walk  in this magical place that provides peace and tranquility. A walk through the Manuel Braga Park, the city park, next to the Mondego River is also beautiful. It is very common to find young lovers there. The green banks invites you to relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty of centuries-old trees, the river and the “bandstand” that is there. Finally, we also highlight the beautiful “Penedo da Saudade”. A park and viewpoint of the city where you will find innumerable texts inscribed on stones that include poems of love and dedications. And like the song says “Coimbra do Choupal, Ainda és Capital, Do Amor em Portugal, ainda”.

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