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Fado Hilário

One space where you can experience Coimbra.

Fado Hilário, the number 110 of Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar near the Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Sé Velha de Coimbra), is a cultural association that devotes its space to the promotion of the musical heritage of Coimbra, particularly its singing and the preservation of Coimbra guitar.
Here you can experience Coimbra. While listening to beautiful Fado enjoy a delicious wine. A perfect combination.
Dressed for the occasion, Fado Hilário is decorated with Fado roots “through a unique collection of phonographic vinyls belonging to the private collection of Master António Portugal, unavoidable cultivator and composer of Fado and the “Song of Coimbra”.”
Here all the decorative elements offer a properly described and explained story, to anyone who daily visits this “little museum”. But why Hilário? In this Fado, nothing is random. The first Portuguese fado singer was Augusto Hilário da Costa Alves. Augusto Hilário is one of the main references of Coimbra Fado and creator of “Fado Hilário” which became known throughout the country.
In Fado Hilário you not only watch a show, you will live the typical Coimbra in a genuine and pure way.
The daily sessions have an appointment at 18:45. Price per person: 10 € including a welcome drink (small bottle of liquor (Jerupiga of Almalaguês)). For more information contact: or +351911505770.

Permanently Closed.

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