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The “Praça da República”

Mandatory stop in the city’s nightlife The “Praça da República“, or simply “a Praça” for the “conimbricences”, is the “heart” of Coimbra’s nightlife. With a privileged location, this square is nestled between the “Jardim da Sereia” and beatiful century-old building facades, a few minutes walking from Coimbra’s

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Fado of Coimbra

“Coimbra é uma lição, De sonho e tradição, O lente é uma canção, E a Lua a faculdade, O livro é uma mulher, Só passa quem souber, E aprende-se a dizer saudade…” Who does not know this “Canção” of Coimbra?! This and many other Fados which sing

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Fado Hilário

One space where you can experience Coimbra. Fado Hilário, the number 110 of Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar near the Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Sé Velha de Coimbra), is a cultural association that devotes its space to the promotion of the musical heritage of Coimbra, particularly its

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Salão Brazil

A cultural space in the heart of downtown city Salão Brazil is a cultural space and it is located in the heart of Downtown City, more precisely in Largo do Poço, number 3, 1st floor. In 2004, this space won a new dynamic by working as a

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