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Salgueiro’s – a headwear store in “Baixa de Coimbra”

A centenary shop in the heart of downtown.

Chapelaria e Camisaria Salgueiro’s, with more than a century, is the oldest store in “Rua Ferreira Borges” and its registration dates from 1869. António Salgueiro is the current owner of this commercial space, having inherited the business from his father Manuel Salgueiro who had acquired the store in 1987. One of the peculiarities of this store is that it has always been a headwear shop and still maintains many traits of the past. Only at a later stage shirts were introduced. The shirts are all made in Portugal, while hats, berets and caps arrive from the oldest cap factory in Europe, the Belgian City Sport, because António and his wife Ilídia prioritize the quality of the articles they sell. Of course the customers are a big part of what traditional commerce is all about, there are the “usual” ones, including sucessive generations of several families and, of course, nowadays also the tourists, who fall in love with their distinguished offering. In Chapelaria and Camisaria Salgueiro’s you will not be indifferent to the familiarity of space, the close and personalized service and the funny dynamics of the owners, Mr. Manuel more discreet and reserved and his wife Ilidia more expansive and of welcoming smile. Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Contact: 239 822 734

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