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Onion Fair | Praça do Comércio Coimbra

Onion Fair Coimbra

The already traditional Onion Fair (Feira das Cebolas) animates Coimbra every year for a week in August.

The event is held in Praça do Comércio, where the sellers of onions of the city will gather and sell their articles, celebrating while working and calling Conimbricenses (people originaly from Coimbra) and tourists.

The Onion Fair is the recovery of the old St. Bartholomew Fair, which has several centuries of existence.

Inspired by history, since 1986 the folklore group “Os Camponeses de Vila Nova” recalls the popular court that inspired the fair:

“On August 24
It’s St. Bartholomew
Girl, run away from your father
That I also ran away from mine ”

Although onion is the main factor of attraction, other reasons will not be missing to visit this celebrated event of the city of Coimbra, where also fits the gastronomy and folklore.

With the onions come the handicraft and gastronomy stalls, as well as the music and lots of entertainment.

Praça do Comércio
3000-116 Coimbra

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