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10 unique shops in Coimbra

The past shapes the present and the future. As such, Coimbra remains a city closely linked to traditional commerce. The city’s past was shaped by centuries of tradition and generations of traders who helped to build Coimbra today.

Discover the 10 stores you really have to visit when you are in Coimbra and live this tradition live and in color!

Coola Boola Company

A innovate space with several concepts – shops, services and leisure – at the “Baixa de Coimbra”. Here musical performances mix with painting and cooking workshops or exhibitions of classic cars. You can choose to have a tattoo or a body piercing, a haircut in a classic barber shop or shopping in a space that offers clothes from the 50s and 60s.

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Gang of Four

A multi-brand clothing store in Coimbra. No passersby going indifferent to Darth Vader, protagonist of the Star Wars movie, which is exposed in the large first floor window that functions as the store’s “shop window” making this probably the most photographed storefront in downtown Coimbra.

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Casa Coelho

With 86 years of history, Casa Coelho is one of the most emblematic fabric stores in Coimbra. One of the factors that dictates Casa Coelho’s success is the fact that he buys stock not for low costs, but because of the quality and customer satisfaction that comes with it.

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Loja das Meias Coimbra

Composed of three spaces: men’s fashion, women’s fashion and a third space that offers more sporty and affordable brands. In addition to the variety of top quality brands, the “Loja das Meias Coimbra” is also distinguished by the personalized service and close to the customer, valuable characteristics of our traditional trade.

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Góis Time & Secrets 

The jeweler Góis, aware of the importance of revitalizing traditional commerce, invests in a historic building in downtown Coimbra, offering the public a space that combines the modern and the traditional. Here you will find national and international brands, mostly exclusive, of watchmaking and jewelery.

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A Camponeza

The Centenary Garrafeira of “Baixa de Coimbr”a that combines traditional products with the innovation of contemporary flavors, inviting the public to wine tastings and selected products and thus providing pleasant gastronomic gatherings.

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Chapelaria Salgueiro’s

More than a century old, it is the oldest store on Rua Ferreira Borges, in “Baixa de Coimbra”. One of the peculiarities is that it has always functioned as a headgear and still maintains several details from the past. Here you will not be indifferent to the familiarity of the space, the close and personalized service and the funny dynamics of the owners.

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Lucky Lux

A record store where pop/rock dominates but there are also fado, jazz, Brasil or África. You can find Amália Rodrigues as David Bowie among many other well-known names in the world of music. The store belongs to the publisher Lux, representative of several bands from Coimbra.

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Atelier 13

Laurens De Geest, a Belgian sculptor, moves directly from Paris with “suitcases and luggage” to Coimbra and open “Atelier 13, in “Baixa de Coimbra”. An open atelier in “Baixa de Coimbra” where, in addition to seeing the artist Laurens at work and enjoying his pieces, you can even join him and “get your hands dirty” if you want to learn how to sculpt in clay or pottery.

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Queijaria de Coimbra

The Queijaria de Coimbra, located in a 19th century building. XIX, takes on the motto: “friendship, a good cheese and a glass of wine” because here is the ideal space for fans of cheeses, sausages and the best wines.

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