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Góis Time & Secrets

A new store in downtown combines modern and traditional

Lojas Góis – Góis Time & Secrets tells the story of this local jeweller since 1991, the year in which the first store appeared, in “Praça 8 de Maio”. Góis early stood out for the different brands and products offered and for the investment on marketing. Accompanying the growth of the city and the evolution of the times, Góis quickly opened several stores throughout the City and also online. More recently, knowing the importance of the revitalization of traditional commerce, they invested in a historic building in downtown Coimbra, offering the public a space that combines future and tradition. Other than amazing jewellery, inside the building it is possible to visit: an Arab silo that had as function the preservation of cereals and other foods and that dates from century VII, at which time Coimbra was conquered by the Muslims; A section of the moat that would be part of the city’s defensive system; A wall of what was one of the towers of the city gates of the century XIII or XIV. These and other archaeological findings continue to be studied so that all information is made available to the public soon. The Store is divided into two floors. In the first one you will find national and international brands, mostly exclusive, of watchmaking and jewelery. The lower floor is dedicated to Traditional Portuguese “Ourivesaria”, more specifically to filigree art. You can be dazzled by the Hearts of Viana, Queen and Princess Earings, Reliquaries, among other pieces so characteristically Portuguese. It is also worth mentioning that in the storefront they have exhibited a Coimbra Guitar worked with handcrafted filigree, definately a unique piece.

R. Gen. Humberto Delgado 207-211 112,
3030-327 Coimbra

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday (holidays too)
10am to 11pm

239 790 850


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