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Coola Boola Company – a innovate space at the “Baixa de Coimbra”

A innovate space with several concepts – shops, services and leisure.

Co.LAB – Coola Boola Company opened doors at the “Praça do Comércio” in the heart of downtown Coimbra, with the promise of stirring the city. They truly launched an innovative space, bringing together several concepts: shop, services, experiences and leisure with an array of interesting propositions!

The old building of the respected “Galerias Coimbra”, a true commercial landmark of its time, has a new life, young and dynamic. Here musical performances mix with painting and cooking workshops or exhibitions of classic cars. You can choose to have a tattoo or a body piercing done by some of the best professionals in the country, a haircut in a classic barber shop or shopping in a space that offers clothes from the 50s and 60s.

And of course, we can not forget the gastronomic side. You can choose to drink a Praxis beer, the traditional beer of Coimbra, on the terrace or to be delighted by a cocktail while enjoying the incredible view of the historical center of Coimbra and its University that the rooftop offers.

Pedro Serra is the local entrepreneur that embraced this challenge, he explains that this innovative project is based on partnerships with the most diverse entities and cultural agents of the city, bringing an array of experiences to those who live and visit Coimbra.

Monday to Saturday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Contact: 239 193 013
Find out more about “Baixa de Coimbra” and Traditional Commerce.
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