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“Visual Art Center ” (CAV) – a place dedicated to contemporary art in Portugal

The “Visual Art Center” (CAV), located in the former “Colégio das Artes” in “Pátio da Inquisição” (Inquisition Courtyard), is a pioneering institution in the visual arts in Portugal. Founded in 1993, CAV is a space dedicated to the exhibition, production and reflection on contemporary art and artistic research through a program that includes exhibitions, conferences, workshops and artistic residencies, which aim to encourage the production and dissemination of contemporary art., as well as stimulating reflection on current artistic practices.

In addition to the various galleries dedicated to the exhibition of works of contemporary art, the CAV also has a library specializing in contemporary art, an archive and a shop where we can find publications and products related to contemporary art.

Over the years, the CAV has hosted exhibitions by renowned national and international artists, such as Helena Almeida, João Onofre, William Kentridge, Paula Rego, José Pedro Croft, Pedro Cabrita Reis, among others.

With a strong connection to the city, the Center has promoted a series of activities aimed at enhancing the cultural and artistic heritage of the region. For example, in 2013, it promoted the exhibition “Coimbra e o mundo”, which brought together works of art by various artists, inspired by the city of Coimbra and its history.

As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of CAV, in February 2023, a very diversified program was announced, aiming to attract a wider audience: “life, despite it” is the title of the new cycle of exhibitions, running until 2026. Miguel Von Hafe Pérez, the new responsible curator and one of the most prestigious curators in contemporary art in Portugal, promises a different and diversified program always with the same objective that originated the Centre: to disseminate and promote contemporary art in Portugal.

Contact: 239 836 930

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