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“Atelier 13” – an “open atelier” in downtown

A workshop open to the public in downtown Coimbra.

Laurens De Geest, a Belgian sculptor, moved directly from Paris to Coimbra and so “Atelier 13” was born, on “Rua do Corvo” in downtown Coimbra.
An “open atelier”, an open workshop where it is possible to see Laurens working and appreciate his pieces, and you can also even join him and “get your hands on” if you want to learn how to sculpt in clay or ceramics. It is also possible to buy materials to make your own pieces at home.
Laurens graduated in infographics in Warsaw and Casablanca. During his time living in Warsaw and Lisbon he continued to follow sculpture courses, and as well as following courses in Belgium he started exhibitioning works Lissewege, a yearly art exhibition in Belgium. Laurens has continued to improve his techniques in sculpture, painting and glazing during the last six years in Paris. His ambition to open his own Atelier and share his work and techiniques with others has brought him to Portugal. Atelier 13 opened it´s door in March 2019 and has received a warm welcome in the “Baixa of Coimbra”.
The registrations to take part in the workshops and sculpture sessions can be made through the Atelier 13’s facebook, the email or directly in the Atelier 13. Laurens challenges visitors to dare and take home a unique experience and souvenir from their visit to Coimbra.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Closed on Sunday and Monday.
Find out more about “Baixa de Coimbra“.
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