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The Rasganço | end-of-course tradition

Rasganço Coimbra

Rasganço” is a curious tradition over 700 years old made by the finalist students of the University of Coimbra.

It originated in “Farraparia”, which lasted until 1910, and was made at the Faculty of Law after the “Ponto” – announcement of the last day of classes – in which the 1st year students waited for those of the 5th year students, with the purpose of tearing their robes and hoods.

From the postwar period onwards, the rip off no longer occurs on the last day of school, the famous “dia do ponto” (traditionally marked by the trellises), but after the last graduation act, that is, and as It is still does today, when the last result posted on the agenda attested the end of the course.

However, the cloak was no longer the target of destructive attacks, but it was safe from the rip off, and meant, romantically, a reminder of student days. The rest was all in the air!

It represents the end of studies, in which all academic uniform is torn into pieces by the finalists closest friends. The newly formed just sits with a collar, tie, socks and shoes, wrapped in the cloak, which after graduation can display it as a sentimental relic of his academic life.

This ritual that was once public and spontaneous on the part of those present has been made more private, in the company of friends and family, more recently women have become part of this tradition although a little more modest than men.

With the “Rasganço” comes to an end not only the university course, but also an experience of youth  only possible in Coimbra, because  as the song says, “Coimbra has more charm at the time of farewell”, at least for those who lived it or live intensely!

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