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Casa das Conservas – Canned Goodness in Coimbra

100% Portuguese! One shop with passion for portuguese tradition.

No one is indifferent to the colorful and warm decoration of “Casa das Conversas”, a recent commercial space ​​Downtown, which sells as the name indicates “Conservas de Peixe” (fish conserves) and its variations such as patés. This project results from the owners’ passion for Portuguese products and for the national culture and tradition. those who visit “Casa das Conversas” will take with them national quality products and, of course, a bit of the Portuguese history and identity. This house focuses mainly on the “conservas”, a product with a lot of history (“the “conservas” industry in Portugal dates from the year 1938″) that was reinvented throughout the years. But here you can also find other quality and reference products such as Salt, Olive Oil, Teas and Port Wine. The “Casa das Conservas” is a must stop on a walk  through downtown Coimbra! Contact: Rua Visconde da Luz, 75 – Shop 2; 239 820 594.

Permanently Closed.

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