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Queijaria de Coimbra

The best place for all cheese fans, smoked meats and a glass of wine. Two childhood friends, from Coimbra, with over 12 years of hospitality experience (national and international), Telmo and Luís, combined their skills and passions to open the “Queijaria de Coimbra”. Located on “Rua de

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Vieira Duque – Galery of art and culture in downtown

New in town. At number 1 of Adro de Cima, next to the Church “São Bartolomeu”, in the heart of Coimbra’s downtown, you will find the Vieira Duque – Gallery of Art and Culture. Inaugurated very recently, Miguel Vieira Duque (responsible for the artistic management of the

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SweetArt – New in Baixa de Coimbra

The shop that presents tribute to the best products and portuguese artisans. SweetArt is a recent dynamic member of the Baixa de Coimbra, located in Rua Ferreira Borges. This project, born in Joana Correia´s family, who is responsable for the space, is the materialization of the passion

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Visit “Comércio da Praça” in Coimbra

The best portuguese products to taste or to buy. An instant classic opened its doors in the “Praça do Comércio” of Coimbra, this is a new restaurant by the renowned Chef Paulo Queirós and was named “Comércio da Praça”. This special new venue proves inviting from the first glance,

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Abilini, a knitwear store in “Baixa de Coimbra”

Abilini, one portuguese and family brand. It’s in “Rua Visconde da Luz”, in downtown Coimbra, that you can find the renowned “Abilini” Knitwear Store. The brand’s story blends with its founder’s life, Abílio Martins, who began the production of knits in 1951 as an individual entrepreneur. In

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Armazém Vilaça -Restaurant and Museum

One restaurant/museum of Pharmacy in downtown In 2008, Amadeu Carvalho bought two buildings in downtown Coimbra. At the time, degraded and in need of substantial work. He started with the building that still host “Farmácia Vilaça” (Vilaça Pharmacy) today in “Rua Ferreira Borges”. Recently, he put himself

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Antiquarian Bookseller in “Baixa de Coimbra”

Know Miguel de Carvalho. Miguel de Carvalho, although graduated in geological engineering, soon realized that his true passion was books and in 1994 he began his activity as an antiquarian bookseller. He started by opening a bookstore in “Ferreira Borges”, in downtown, that became small for the

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Passeite – Taberna do Azeite in Coimbra

A different concept. “Passeite – Taberna de Azeite”, is a restaurant that, as its name suggests, works with Portuguese products. It is located  in Rua da Sota (number 44-48), in the downtown of Coimbra. Reference point? The Oliveira that is at the entrance of the space. Here

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Tábua da Moura

Tapas and snacks in downtown On the Corvo Street, 43, you will find the new Coimbra´s downtown tapas and snacks restaurant. Welcome to Tábua da Moura. Getting near the space, you can see the happy and strong colours of the pillows, which decorate the little but cosy

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20Otto in Praça do Comércio

One place for the art and culture. 20otto is an excellence space which gives you the opportunity to know the European design, namely from the North of Europe, from the last half of the 20th century. Nuno Costa Pereira, the mentor of the project created in 2014,

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