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Ilustração ao Vento in Quebra Costas

An atelier where you find 100% original pieces.

It was in 2018 that Márcia Santos jumped into her life’s dream of working as an illustrator, when she opened her own Atelier at the Stairs of the Quebra Costas, in the old uptown of Coimbra, with the name “Ilustração ao Vento“.

The drawings are inspired by children’s world but contrary to what Márcia thought at the beginning, that this project would be directed to the children, her clients prove the opposite because many adults buy for them and the demand has grown in such a way that Márcia’s is constantly divided between working on specific orders and spare illustrations for sale.

She began by using only colored pencils and watercolor paints but soon creativity has gained wings and today also commonly uses ballpoint and cardboard.

She also works on pieces in three dimensions where the characters gain relief, 3D frames, but every piece is 100% original. Girls with hair in the wind, boys alluding to “Principezinho”, Castles, Birds and Plants… the imagination has no end and from the first line drawn, anything can flourish.

“Ilustração ao Vento” is a space where we return to feel like a children and from where we can carry a memory that will always carry us to the to a fantastic universe of children.

Adress: Rua de Quebra Costas, number 38 R / C 3000-340 Coimbra, from 10:30am to 4:00 pm

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