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Visit the “Torre de Almedina”

… and make a trip to the middle ages.

From the eleventh century, the “Torre de Almedina” built on the “Arco de Almedina“, had as function to watch and defend the main access door to the interior of the city wall. Due to its strategic importance, it was one of the most important towers in the perimeter of the wall. Through a visit to the “Núcleo da Cidade Muralhada e Centro Interpretativo”,  installed there, you can learn more about the history of the wall and the city of Coimbra in the Middle Ages, through the reconstitution of the defensive structure of the city. From the top floor of the Tower, be dazzled with the view over the inner city walls which also allows you to have a better sense of the urban development of the area. You will also have access to a panoramic image of Coimbra with an overlap of the old city wall, locating it in the present. We suggest you complete this visit with a pedestrian walk along the wall, observing the vestiges of the wall that survived over the centuries. This circuit is made, individually, through the marks on the pavement allowing you to relive the place where the castle used to be, the five entrance doors to the City and the towers built into the city wall. A trip to the Middle Ages.

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