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A time travel to a Cabinet of Curiosities from the 18th century

The “Cabinet of Curiosities – An Interpretation” of the University of Coimbra, located in the “Carlos Ribeiro” Room, at “Colégio de Jesus”, brings together more than four thousand pieces in an exhibition that aims to provoke sensations, in children and adults, and it does. In a “meticulously untidy” room,

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The Computer Museum Center

The Department of Computer Engineering of the University of Coimbra (DEI.UC) inaugurated, in January 2024, the Computer Museum Center: a space dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of the history of computing and information technologies at DEI.UC. Its first exhibition, “Do ENER ao Espaço” (From ENER to

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The exhibition “Não Sofra Mais” by Ragnar Kjartansson

“Não Sofra Mais” (Do not suffer more) is the title of the exhibition created by the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson that can be seen, until the 16th of July, at the Monastery of “Santa Clara-a-Nova”. Ragnar, after having passed through several stages of contemporary art, exhibits for

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Exhibition “ÉFE-ÉRRE-Á – Moments of University Life”

Here “the visitor is challenged to revive his memories or, if he doesn’t have them, to better understand who has”. We are talking about the new space “Éfe-Érre-Á – Moments of University Life”, located on the ground floor of “Colégio de Jesus” (part of the UC Science

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“Visual Art Center ” (CAV) – a place dedicated to contemporary art in Portugal

The “Visual Art Center” (CAV), located in the former “Colégio das Artes” in “Pátio da Inquisição” (Inquisition Courtyard), is a pioneering institution in the visual arts in Portugal. Founded in 1993, CAV is a space dedicated to the exhibition, production and reflection on contemporary art and artistic

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Palace “Sub-Ripas” – an exemple of the civil construction of the XVI Century

The Palace of Sub-Ripas, which includes the “Upper House” or “Casa do Arco” and the “Lower House” or “Casa da Torre”, was a former defensive tower on the city wall of Coimbra (Torre da Contenda). The tower was adapted to a residency in the century XVI and

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The Church of Santiago and the Path of Santiago: the portuguese central way

The Church of Santiago, located in “Praça do Comércio” Square in downtown Coimbra, is one of the largest medieval monuments in the city. The construction of the Church started in the last decades of the 11th century and was sacred in 1206. Over the centuries it has

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Science Museum of Coimbra

Once we’ve established that Coimbra is undoubtedly a city of the future, let’s go back to the past, almost to the origin of the city’s need to innovate. In the eighteenth century, one of the greatest Portuguese scientific centers was located in Coimbra: we are talking about

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National Printing House and National Mint

In June 2020, “Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda” (INCM) opened a store on the street “Visconde da Luz”, in the heart of downtown. INCM results from the fusion, in 1972, between the “Imprensa Nacional” (National printing house) and the “Casa da Moeda” (National mint). The “Imprensa

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The history of Jews in Coimbra

The oldest document attesting to the presence of Jews on Portuguese territory is from Coimbra. This presence, having experienced peaceful times, also lived times of extreme intolerance and persecution. It is in the “Pátio da Inquisição”, in a building with more than 470 years of history, that

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