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Taverns of Coimbra

Mandatory stops.

Taverns of Coimbra have serviced the student community for decades and they  are part of the city’s cultural heritage and the memory of the many who, over the years, have frequented them.

“Couraça”, “Moelas”, “Zé Manel dos Ossos”, “Casa Costa”, “Mijacão” and those who have already disappeared but that don’t disappear from our shared memory, “Pintos”, “Pratas”, “Zé Neto” and so many others.

The taverns of Coimbra have always been a bohemian place, the main stage for countless gatherings of the famous intelectuals of “Geração de 70”. Though many desappeared on the paths of history, result of the normal evolution of cities, others remain faithful to their recipes and traditions.

Have you seen, on your walks through Coimbra, the laurel hanging out the door? Did you go to lunch and were served wine in a “pocheira”? So you’ve probably been to one of the oldest taverns in the city. The food is simple, very tasty and served without labels. Fried petingas, boiled bones, bifanas, smoked ear, gizzards, liversteakes, “papas laverças”, “sarrabulho”, all accompanied by retail wine or the famous “traçadinho”(wine and soda).

The taverns in Coimbra have a deep connections to the student life in the city. The “futricas”, students and the praxes of freshman and make the taverns of Coimbra unique and full of stories and memories. That is why the city created a Route of Taverns, which includes 27 taverns and which aims to support the tavern keepers on preserving these places in their authenticity. Be sure to visit them!

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