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Praia da Tocha – fisherman’s beach

Another fisherman’s beach you shouldn’t miss

If you have the chance, don’t miss “Praia da Tocha”, a secluded Fisherman’s and beach village just 45km out of Coimbra. Here we can highlight the famous “Palheiros da Tocha”, typical wodden fisherman houses on stilts overlooking the ocean. Initially these constructions belonged to fishermen families, improvised constructions that with time turned into beautiful beach houses. The new “Palheiros” contrast with the original “Palheiros” that you can still find there. “Arte-xávega” also lives in “Praia da Tocha”, being one of its biggest tourist attractions. “Arte-xávega” is a centennial art: the boats leave the beach, face the waves and launch a net that gets into a conical shape in the ocean, surrounding shoals of fish. When they return to land, the fish is pulled onto the beach in a true spectacle of sustainable fishing.
On a visit to this quiet and beautiful beach, we suggest you stop for lunch, dinner or even snacks in the famous restaurant “Cova do Finfas”. A few minutes walking from the beach, here you will find a huge variety of fresh fish dishes: “caldeirada”, the famous “sardinhas na telha”, the clams and the “feijoada” with seafood. Roasted lamb is also a specialty here. Contact: 231 443 520

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