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Queima das Fitas 2016

The biggest university party in Portugal.

From 6 to 13 of May Coimbra is all black and white. The students’ black capes sweep the city streets. The Queima das Fitas has just arrived, the students’ party of University of Coimbra. The traditions and rituals from Coimbra are lived with youthful enthusiasm and happiness . For some of the students, it´s also the moment of saying goodbye to the student life. Particularly during this week you will find the students very happy and quite disposed, probably singing academic songs or just prattling with friends. The class dinners are very common and they always end in the main event “Noites do Parque”, in the left margin of the Mondego River. This year, the Queima das Fitas “lineup” is very portuguese. However, there is always space for foreign bands like “Editors”, who will be here in the night of the 7th of May (Saturday). We can´t forget two of the most beautiful highlights of the week. The Monumental Serenade (Monumental Serenata) and the Academic Parade (Cortejo Académico). At Midnight of Thursday, 5th of May, you can assist in the Largo da Sé Velha to the Monumental Serenade and also appreciate the Canção de Coimbra. Sunday, 8th of May, Coimbra is invaded by allegoric cars, made by the students and their classes just for this day. Those two high points are unmissable. Welcome to the biggest university party in Portugal and let yourself be captivated by the colors and happiness that invades our city.

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