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Sé Velha Coimbra – The old cathedral

Sé Velha de Coimbra

Have you ever imagined living in a village inside a city? That’s what we are going to talk about. In Coimbra, in the area of the Old Cathedral, everyone knows everyone else and live in a family environment. The residents are mostly seniors and students. Could be expected a conflict of generations. However, this doesn’t happen.

During the day, the atmosphere is quiet and serene with close proximity between residents and merchants. There is Carlos Barber shop, Oasis Café, the restaurant Trovador, the Little Market of the Cathedral, among others. We can not forget the curious tourists who walk daily through this area or was not it a UNESCO World Heritage Site since June 2013.

The Old Cathedral began to be built in the twelfth century, a Romanesque church in yellow limestone. Just opposite the Cathedral, is located the house where lived Zeca Afonso, Troubadour of the Liberty. From the Old Cathedral square we can also glimpse the imposing “Goat”, the tower of the University of Coimbra.

At night, the serenity of the Old Cathedral area gives rise to agitation and to a proper bohemian atmosphere of a student town. Some go up, some go down and the meeting point is inevitably the Old Cathedral square where there are several bars highly appreciated by students: Bigorna, Cabido, RS and Moelas.

Now that you’re already convinced, we share a helpful tip: go through the Arch of Almedina and climb through Quebra Costas. Here you can make a stop to rest. Catch your breath and face the last steps to the Old Cathedral square.

Largo Sé Velha,
3000-383 Coimbra
239 825 273

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