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National Printing House and National Mint

In June 2020, “Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda” (INCM) opened a store on the street “Visconde da Luz”, in the heart of downtown.

INCM results from the fusion, in 1972, between the “Imprensa Nacional” (National printing house) and the “Casa da Moeda” (National mint). The “Imprensa Nacional” has been a publishing house for over 250 years in the service of culture and the “Casa da Moeda” is perhaps the oldest industrial establishment in the Portuguese State, with a continuous operation since the end of the 13th century.

The INCM is responsible for the production of goods and services that are fundamental to the functioning of the Portuguese State, such as identification and travel documents, the minting of metallic coins and the publication of official publications such as the “Diário da República”(official buletin of Portugal).

Coimbra’s store, a versatile and modern space, but also inviting and pleasant, aims to bring together people of all ages around culture. The space is divided in three distinct areas: a small bookstore dedicated to the sale of the INCM editorial catalog, the company’s official publications and works by selected publishers; a numismatic area, where commemorative coins, medals and artistic objects are available; and a public service area where the forms produced for the Public Administration, citizens and companies are sold.

It’s the aim of the INCM Coimbra to be a cultural hub for the city and for the center region, hosting and promoting concerts, theaters, presentations and exhibitions.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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