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Portuguese tradition + great flavor = Coimbra

Coimbra is changing, but the revolution that locals and visitors are currently witnessing is the best of all: the ones that enables innovation, but also preserves the city’s past and tradition. In a moment’s notice, the city gained several new (delicious) attractions that you have to visit. In addition, there are also new activities and ways to enjoy the city. From traditional food to new types of fun, Coimbra has even more to offer in November.

Food math is easy in the center of Portugal.

The place of honor that gastronomy occupies in Portugal’s history and tradition is nothing new. The country’s popular culture includes dozens of traditional sayings that prove this connection. The area surrounding the Rua Fernandes Tomaz, in the center of Coimbra, is an excellent example of all the great things that Portuguese cuisine has to offer to locals and visitors.

The city is witnessing a small revolution: a number of new local restaurants and bars are changingthe way visitors discover the city, as well as how locals rediscover the region’s flavors, usually while listening to the beautiful Fado. We have listed the new hotspots in this historical area, so you don’t miss a thing:

  • Tapas nas Costas – Traditional flavors reinventedand perfect tapas to share with family and friends. Located along the Quebra Costas.
  • Quebra o Galho – A Portuguese tavern with an excellent selection of wines and cheeses. Locatedalong the Quebra Costas.
  • Arcada – A restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and an excellent menu with Portuguese flavors, great vegetarian options and unique desserts. Located on Rua Fernandes Tomaz.
  • Passaporte – Well worth a visit for the food – especially the lunch buffet on Sunday – and the view! Located on Rua Fernandes Tomaz.
  • Kabra Velha – Permanently Closed – Do you fancy ‘pataniscas de bacalhau’ (deepfried cod cakes) with rice and beans? Then you know where you have to go. Located on Rua Fernandes Tomaz.
  • Vinharia da Sé – Permanently Closed– As the name implies, it is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of good wine accompanied by some delicious snacks. Located on Rua Fernandes Tomaz.

And there’s more: in the coming months there will be even more places of excellence in Coimbra serving traditional Portuguese food quality. It’s a clear bet on renewed flavors and Portuguese values, without letting go of tradition right in Coimbra’s historical center. Do you really need more reasons to discover new flavors?

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