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Topázio and Onyx – Beer’s of Coimbra

The rich beer heritage of the city of Coimbra is undeniable. In 1924 the “Companhia de Cervejas de Coimbra” was created and its small factory in the downtown area. In the 1950s the Factory moved to the industrial area of the city because larger facilities were needed. The “famous beers” Topázio and Onyx were produced there. At academic parties and taverns in the city, students quickly replaced “Bairrada” sparkling wine for Topázio beer.

It was in these small taverns in Coimbra that the famous “Fino” (20cl tap beer), used to ask for beer in most of the country, emerged. This name was exclusive in the city of Coimbra until the 70’s. The name originated with “Toninho Copi” around 1945, who claimed to have cured himself of a rare and rampant tuberculosis just with beer. In the rounds with friends, Toninho would always order his beer in a very thin (“fino”) glass, progressively giving rise to the name “Fino” that remains to this day.

Onyx dark beer, due to the quality of the city’s water, was considered one of the best beers in Europe.

Although the factory closed in 2002, Topázio and Onyx production had stopped years before.

In 2009, Praxis – Fábrica Restaurante and Museu da Cerveja de Coimbra ” returned to the city its brewing heritage, where the main secret is the quality of the water. In addition to being able to visit the Factory and observe all the stages of beer production, the Museum Room shows the history of beer, the production process as well as the history of beer in Coimbra. Praxis has its own beer brand, which has stood out positively in Coimbra and around the world, having won the most varied awards. Praxis beer stands out for its flavor and quality due to the water of Mondego in Coimbra, delighting beer lovers.

Although they were already being produced and back on the market since 2017, in 2021 Onyx and Topázio definitively returned “home”: they were acquired from the “Sociedade Central das Cervejas” by Praxis, returning these two centenary gems of Portuguese beer to Coimbra.

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