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Christmas Dinner Delights

Dishes that make christmas dinner in our region, “Beiras” That our beloved Portugal is a very rich country in terms of gastronomy (and much more) we all know. But what are the typical Christmas dishes in our region?! This is a pertinent question considering that, although Portugal

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Visit Convento da Rainha Santa Isabel

Convento Rainha Santa Isabel

Convento da Rainha Santa Isabel – Patron Saint of the city of Coimbra. The “Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova” or “Convento da Rainha Santa Isabel” was built in the 17th century to replace the former Santa Clara-a-Velha Monastery, founded by “Rainha Santa Isabel“, patron saint of the city

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Taberna D’Almedina – one place of national flavors.

New in town. Right in the shadow of “Arco da Almedina“, next to the Almedina bookstore, the most recent tavern of Coimbra: Taberna D’Almedina. Pedro Machado, the owner of the space, inspired by Trastevere, Rome, has created a “rudimentary” space that retains its wonderful ancient architecture and

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Calender in Coimbra – October 2019

3rd Oct. | 10 p.m. | Salão Brazil Allen Halloween Concert. 9th to 13th | Parque da Canção Park nights of “Festa das Latas” 25 October Jazz Nights | Baixa de Coimbra 26 Oct. | Terreiro da Erva Feira das Velharias 27th October | 6p.m. | Convento

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Onion Fair | Praça do Comércio Coimbra

Onion Fair Coimbra

The already traditional Onion Fair (Feira das Cebolas) animates Coimbra every year for a week in August. The event is held in Praça do Comércio, where the sellers of onions of the city will gather and sell their articles, celebrating while working and calling Conimbricenses (people originaly from

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The Rasganço | end-of-course tradition

Rasganço Coimbra

“Rasganço” is a curious tradition over 700 years old made by the finalist students of the University of Coimbra. It originated in “Farraparia”, which lasted until 1910, and was made at the Faculty of Law after the “Ponto” – announcement of the last day of classes –

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Parque da Sereia

A great suggestion for an autumn walk. “Parque de Santa Cruz” or the “Parque da Sereia“, as it is popularly known, is located on the famous “Praça da República“. Formerly a place of gathering and meditation of the monks of Santa Cruz, this garden was built in

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Gil Vicente Academic Theater Coimbra

Gil Vicente Academic Theater Coimbra

Gil Vicente Academic Theater, the only university theater building. The Gil Vicente Academic Theater, located in Praça da República, in the center of Coimbra, and belonging to the University of Coimbra, is one of the city’s landmarks and one of the places where locals and visitors know

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7 Unmissable Traditions of Coimbra

Get to know the most unmissable traditions of Coimbra: 1- University parades Where? Town center  When? Academic weeks in May and October  The traditional academic processions that take place in Coimbra every year are an essential part of the city’s university rituals, a set of customs that

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Conventual Sweets from Coimbra

Many would be the reasons we could introduce you to visit Coimbra. For now we will talk about the local sweets with the certainty there will be more than enough reason to do so. Coimbra’s heritage is rich in conventual sweets. Conventual sweets appeared in the XV

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