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Calendar – March 2023

3rd March | 7 P.M. |Convento São Francisco Rui Veloso Concert.  [divder] 12th March | 10 P.M. | Convento São Francisco Concert for Babies.  19th March | 4 P.M. | Conservatório de Coimbra Musical “The Three Pigs!”. 25th March | 4 P.M. | Convento São Francisco Play

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Pátio da Inquisição – a place full of history and culture

Located near “Rua da Sofia”, the “Pátio da Inquisição” reveals, in its name, part of its history. But going back in time and starting from the beginning…it was there that in 1548, on the initiative of D. João III, the “Real Colégio das Artes e Humanidades” (Royal

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“Visual Art Center ” (CAV) – a place dedicated to contemporary art in Portugal

The “Visual Art Center” (CAV), located in the former “Colégio das Artes” in “Pátio da Inquisição” (Inquisition Courtyard), is a pioneering institution in the visual arts in Portugal. Founded in 1993, CAV is a space dedicated to the exhibition, production and reflection on contemporary art and artistic

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Calendar – February 2023

3rd February | 9:30 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent Fernando Daniel Concert. 10th February | 9:30 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent Dino D’ Santiago Concert. 11th February | 9:30 P.M. | TAGV “Mão Morta” Concert 12th February | 4 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent Kids Play: “A

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MA – the japanese restaurant in Coimbra that will conquer the country

It hadn’t opened doors yet and there was already a waiting list. We are talking about MA Restaurant, the new Japanese restaurant in Coimbra that promises and has everything to be one of the best Japanese in the country. The space, the number 13 on “Rua do

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Italianino – an italian house in one of the most beautiful areas of Coimbra

Felice Jeva, originally from Italy but “in love” with the world, has had businesses in different countries. In 2017, because of his passion for surfing, he came on vacation to Portugal. But “life had other plans for him” and, enchanted by the country, he decided to “sell

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The Graduate Uniform – Centuries of History and Tradition

The “Traje Académico” (Graduate uniform), also known as “Capa and Batina“, stands for characteristics of academic life such as gathering, equality, respect and unity. “But what is its origin?” It was in the XVII century that the Academic Costume emerged and the influence of the Church in

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Calendar in Coimbra – January 2023

4th January | 9 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent New Year’s Concert:  Classical Orchestra (Orquestra Clássica do Centro) 14th January | 9:30 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent Play: “Monólogos da Vagina”. 15th January | 10 A.M. | Saint Francis Convent Concert for babies. 21st January | 9:30

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Cerca de São Bernardo Theatre

A culture center in downtown. Inaugurated in 2008, “Cerca de São Bernardo” Theatre is located in the Historic Center of the City of Coimbra and its construction was part of the requalification of the “Pátio da Inquisição” (Inquisition Square)/ “Cerca de São Bernardo” area. This theatre is

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Calendar in Coimbra – December 2022

1st to 23th December | Baixa de Coimbra Christmas in Downtown (Baixa de Coimbra). 8th December | 7:00 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent Christmas Song “The Blue Bird”.  11th December | 6 P.M. | Saint Francis Convent Anaquim Concert.  15th to 18th December | 9:30 P.M. | 

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