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Traditional Commerce in Coimbra

We all know that the past shapes the present and the future. Therefore, the fact that Coimbra still is a town deeply connected to commerce is not really a surprise. The past of the city was shaped by centuries of tradition and countless generations of shopkeepers and entrepreneurs that helped build the Coimbra that we know today.

Seize the opportunity to visit the centre of Coimbra and experience and be immersed in this tradition by yourself.

Ever since the Middle Ages that the historical centre of Coimbra has been an area divided between the University’s Uptown, an area of knowledge and culture, and the Downtown, an area of commerce and economic development. Several centuries have gone by, but the tradition still holds and the downtown is still the perfect place to buy the best local and Portuguese products.

Even though the local businessmen no longer use the Mondego River to ship goods like in the old days, the commercial tradition is still ongoing.

Independently of the time of the year you visit Coimbra, is enough to step out the door of the hotel and go for a short walk to reach any of the countless shops, restaurants and cafes waiting for you on the city downtown.

The classical Loja das Meias (Rua Ferreira Borges), for instance, is the perfect example of long lasting commercial endeavor. This shop openned in 1931 and has been to this day one of the most respected shops on the Downtown of Coimbra. Their neighbour Casa dos Linhos (Street Visconde de Luz) has a similar story: this shop has opened its doors for 56 straight years.

On the other hand, the traditional commerce has also evolved and Coimbra now features a reasonable number of modern shops that are worth visiting. You can choose from a vintage style in Coola Boola (Praça do Comércio) or a concept shop as Coimbra Concept Store (Av. Sá da Bandeira) Permanently Closed, or clothing on Gang of Four (Street Visconde da Luz).

If you prefer produce that are enticing to the taste and other senses, you can always find the best local handicraft or delicious local foods in shops such as 0 Encanto da Freiria (Largo da Freiria), Coisas e Sabores (Square 8 de Maio), Mercearia A Camponesa (Street Rua da Louça) or Casa de Fruta e Artesanato Maria Alice (Rua da Louça). These are only a few of the examples of the best Coimbra has to offer! Ready to go shopping?

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