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Casa do Cinema de Coimbra

About two years ago, in May 2021, “Casa do Cinema de Coimbra” reopened the doors of what was for many years one of the main cinemas in the country: we are talking about Estudio 2, located on the ground floor of “Galerias Avenida”, which had been “forgotten” for over a decade.

The management and programming of the “House of Cinema” is entrusted by “Caminhos do Cinema Português”, the “Center for cinematographic studies of the Academic Association of Coimbra” and “Fila K Cineclube”, a film club with more than 20 years of existence. These are the three persistent and stubborn entities that allowed the creation of Casa do Cinema in Coimbra. The idea is to create, in the region, a meeting point for cinephilia and its promoters and to promote cinematographic culture by welcoming the various agents who work in the promotion of the “seventh art”.

In 2022, the “Casa do Cinema de Coimbra” managed to integrate the Europa Cinemas network, a victory that recognizes the work that has been carried out by the promoters of this initiative.

We recall that Coimbra has a strong connection to the “seventh art”. The “Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português”, the only film festival exclusively in Portuguese and considered by the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual as the sixth film festival in Portugal, was born in Coimbra and this is where it continues to take place annually: it already has 28 editions. The “Caminhos” promote and decentralize the cinema offer in Portugal and reinforce the ties of the population with Portuguese Cinema. They were built by several generations of students and film clubs who made Coimbra the “Capital” of Portuguese Cinema.

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