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Coimbra and the Mondego river by bike

We invite you to join us on a journey through the “Baixo Mondego” where the transport used is the bicycle. Although there is no bike path, the route will be made on flat terrain and is good forthe ride. We tried it out with our friends from Switch Bike Coimbra, which runs the route to Figueira da Foz every week.

From the Hotel Oslo Coimbra, the first stop is  the “Mata Nacional do Choupal”, one of the iconic green spaces of the city of Coimbra, never forgotten in our “fado”.


Mata Nacional do Choupal

Here we find several plant species like “Choupo”, “Plátano”, “Nogueira Preta” and the “Cedro dos Pântanos”. It is also possible to see some horses from the Equestrian Center.

We continue our journey  to Pereira, 15km down the road, where we stop  for  a coffee and taste the famous “Queijadas de Pereira”, the typical sweet of the area.  
We resisted the temptation of eating a few as later we would have another famous sweet to taste. If the weather is inviting for a dive, you can do it in the River Beach of Pereira.  we then continue our journey  through the “canal do rio”. Approximately 7km aheadwe arrive to Tentúgal, where we taste the incomparable “Pastel de Tentugal”. You can find it in the”Pousadinha” or  in the “Afonso”.

castelo de montemor o velho

Montemor-o-Velho Castle

We then head to Montemor-o-Velho, a small town 10 km away where the Mondego River and the “Arrozais” are the protagonists. Already in Montemor we can visit itsbeautiful Castle, the main fortress of “Baixo Mondego” in the Medieval Period  with  a beautiful view to the “Campos de Arroz do Mondego”. This castle was the stage  of several events of the history of the country and hosted Kings and Infantas, being associated with several legends. If you feel hungry you can enjoy the typical gastronomy of this region as is the case of “Arroz de Lampreia”, “Pato à moda do Mondego” and “Sarrabulho”.

The most determined can makeanother 19 kilometers to be rewarded by the “Figueira-da-Foz” coast.

Here we meet the river that we can cross for a final stop at the Sal Museum, located next to a Salina 12km from the center of Figueira-da-Foz.

museu do sal

Sal Museum

The museum  includes an exhibition on the evolution of salt , illustrating the whole process of salt production and saline activity. After this beautiful route, rich in landscaping and gastronomy, you are likely to feel a bit tired.  Get on a train back to Coimbra, with your bicycle.  Still up for another ride? Get out in Montemor-o-Velho and Pereira and make your way back to the city.

It is important to keep in mind that these routes do not have bike paths  and that each one is responsible for its own safety.

Our friends of Switch Bike Coimbra (Tel. 239150758) also recommend the tour to Ançã, passing by Choupal and Geria. It is well worth contacting them to rent equipment and even to book a guided tour.


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