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Salão Brazil

A cultural space in the heart of downtown city

Salão Brazil is a cultural space and it is located in the heart of Downtown City, more precisely in Largo do Poço, number 3, 1st floor. In 2004, this space won a new dynamic by working as a restaurant also, Exposition Room and Cultural Activities essentially connected to music, in special Jazz. This space is known as the “house” of JACC- Jazz ao Centro Clube, since 2012. The JACC is a non-profit association, born in 2003, with the purpose of promoting, spreading and teaching Jazz. Besides the launch of a collection of discs, “JACC Series” with the recordings of live acts organized by the club, in 2005 the JACC edits the only portuguese Jazz magazine, the bimonthly In 2007 the Portugal Jazz- Itinerant Jazz Festival was created, which show-cases the work of Portuguese musicians throughout the country, to spread and value national creation. José Miguel Pereira, JACC director, assures that Jazz won, in this last years, another dimension in Coimbra: “Jazz has been in Coimbra longer than we think. However, we can say that, in this last decade, and with the work of JACC and some education institutions such as Coimbra´s Music “Conservatório”, the TONE Music School and “Sítio dos sons”, the panorama of this type of music has had a big change in Coimbra. If we add the initiatives of Salão Brazil and the “QuebraJazz” (a summer outdoor initiative of a Quebra Costas Bar) to those institutions (on promoting, spreading and teaching Jazz), we have a scenario with young talented musicians, an increased interest from the public and exceptional places to ear this music!” The Salão Brazil and JACC are part of not only of Coimbra´s history but also of the country for their work and efforts to decentralize the cultural offer. Find their calendar at

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