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The descent of the Mondego in Canoa

A beautiful route.

The descent of the Mondego in Canoa is almost a mandatory activity to do since it is one of the most “popular” and beautiful routes in the center of the country. 

There are several companies that organize the descents, being possible to accept individual participants and groups. There are double and single kayaks. The teams of the companies are young locals with several years of experience and they know the Mondego River like no other, providing an unforgettable and safe experience.

The route, with an approximate duration of three hours, starts at Penacova and ends at the Fluvial Beach “Torres do Mondego”. You can also make an additional effort to finish the tour in Coimbra and be compensated with the magnificent landscape of the historic area classified by UNESCO. The course has an approximate duration of five hours.

The entire route passes through the middle of the forest, through the Mondego natural valley, passing small mountain villages and several river beaches where it is possible to stop for a few dives or even have a picnic.

The combination of the beautiful valley of Mondego and the river provides a relaxing, unique and invigorating experience that you will not want to miss!

Companies that organize this route:

Pioneer of Mondego – 239 478 385

Captain Hardness – 239 476 701

Geoventura – 969 049 470

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