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The Serenade of Coimbra

Singing in the moonlight.

The street is quiet and motionless. The stars and the moon will be witnessing everything. In the silence we hear steps. They arrive. They are from Coimbra, wear black cloaks and will fulfill an Academy ritual, the Serenades. These take place at night, under a window and are often played and sung to a loved one by current and former students.

In the old days, the Serenades were used to order food to the girls and offer something artistic to the city and its people. Currently, this is a way to honor women. However, singing in the moonlight goes far beyond the courtship. It is a liberation for those who like to express themselves through singing and guitars.

The Serenade is part of the essence of the city and requires a formal ritual that has not changed much over the years. The first chords are guided by a quite simple composition. After this, begins the serenade: two fados and two guitars to open. 30 minutes passed between poetry and melody, comes the crucial time of the Serenade, the farewell statement. The last chords are noticed and say farewell to the moment. On the other hand, clapping is not welcome. The only answer that is sought is the light going on and off three times. This is the desired aknowledgememt. Although, the serenades are not always well received and some have already been received with buckets of cold water, literally.

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