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Sweet tips by Sara Cruz (Go!Walks)

One of GO!walks’ main missions is to show to the visitors the wonderful food produced in Coimbra and center of the country, in general. Although the delicacies of Coimbra’s district include several dishes more known, such as chanfana, the main stars of the region are the typical sweets like the queijadas of Pereira and Santa Clara pastries, without forgetting the arrufadas or the cake of Ançã.
Our sweets are truly entitled to their monastic past. A great example of the value of our past is the Santa Clara pastry, a delicious sweet created and perfected by local nuns over the years. And let us not forget the famous Tentúgal pastries, a sweet produced since the late nineteenth century by the carmelitas nuns from the Carmelo of Tentúgal.
All these delicacies can be pushed down with some excellent Licor Beirão, created and still produced in the area of Lousã. Enjoy the existence of GO!walks and get to know all these delights in the company of an expert!

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