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MA – the japanese restaurant in Coimbra that will conquer the country

It hadn’t opened doors yet and there was already a waiting list. We are talking about MA Restaurant, the new Japanese restaurant in Coimbra that promises and has everything to be one of the best Japanese in the country. The space, the number 13 on “Rua do

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Italianino – an italian house in one of the most beautiful areas of Coimbra

Felice Jeva, originally from Italy but “in love” with the world, has had businesses in different countries. In 2017, because of his passion for surfing, he came on vacation to Portugal. But “life had other plans for him” and, enchanted by the country, he decided to “sell

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Doppo, a ice cream shop in “Praça do Comércio”

After several trips and training in Italy with the Italian specialist Giacomo Schiavon, Fernando Castelo Branco swapped Engineering and University Teaching for the world of ice cream and Coimbra is definitely winning. In the beautiful “Praça do Comércio”, in downtown Coimbra, the Doppo ice cream shop recently opened. It

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Izakaya Oni – a japenese tavern in Coimbra

You really have to try the best ramen in Coimbra.  Izakaya Oni is a japanese tavern, secretely tucked away in “Largo do Romal” in Baixa, to which Coimbra fell in love with. The space, an old tavern, has just over 20 seats, including the counter and the

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Lamprey, the delicious fossil in Coimbra

In Coimbra there are many places to eat this fish. Existing since before there were dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years ago, the lamprey is one of the oldest animal species still in existence. It is called by many a “living fossil” and lives between the river

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Visit the “Doce Meu”pastry for a genuine gastronomic experience

With a privileged location and a view over “Praça 8 de Maio” square, “Doce Meu” is the latest pastry-shop, making Coimbra Downtown even sweeter. From the same owners of the “Flor de Aveiro” pastry, a reference in the neighboring city of Aveiro, “Doce Meu” now offers Conimbricenses

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The best experiences 30 minutes from Coimbra

Visiting Coimbra is always a good idea! Not only because this is a welcoming town where you will find tradition, comfort and safety but also because Coimbra is located in a privileged area where you can find everything you might want on a vacation: culture, mountains, beach,

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Christmas Dinner Delights

Dishes that make christmas dinner in our region, “Beiras” That our beloved Portugal is a very rich country in terms of gastronomy (and much more) we all know. But what are the typical Christmas dishes in our region?! This is a pertinent question considering that, although Portugal

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Conventual Sweets from Coimbra

Many would be the reasons we could introduce you to visit Coimbra. For now we will talk about the local sweets with the certainty there will be more than enough reason to do so. Coimbra’s heritage is rich in conventual sweets. Conventual sweets appeared in the XV

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Praxis – A Restaurant a factory and beer museum

Visit Praxis! The “Praxis”, a Restaurant a Factory and Beer Museum of Coimbra, is located on the left bank of the Mondego River and should be part of your script for Coimbra. The “Praxis” gives back to Coimbra a brewery heritage where the main secret is the

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