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Portuguese Christmas Sweets

Delicious Traditional Sweets

December is one of the months everybody looks forward to. We celebrate Christmas, the family meets around a table full of dishes and traditional sweets. At this point, the shop windows of pastries offer these sweets as expected. We are talking about “Bolo Rei”, “Bolo Rainha”, “Rabanadas”, “Velhoses”, “Broinhas”, “Lampreia de Ovos”, “Tronco de Natal” among others. If you are in Coimbra take the opportunity to taste these sweet wonders, accompanied by a hot tea or a tasty coffee. We begin with the very traditional “Bolo Rei”, made with a fluffy white mass and a mix of raisins, dried fruit and candied fruit. If you don’t like candied fruit, you can choose the “Bolo Rainha”, it won’t dissapoint. The “Rabanadas”, slices of bread soaked in boiled milk and egg, fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The “Sonhos”, like the “Rabandas”, are made with fried dough with either carrot or pumpkin. The “Lampreia de Ovos”, very famous in the central region of Portugal, is made with almond, caramel and sugar icing, decorated with eggs wires. Are you hungry already? We share some of the pastries in the downtown where you can enjoy these Christmas sweets : “Briosa”, “Arco-íris”, “Pastelaria Penta”, “Moinho Velho”, “A Brasileira”, “Estação Doce”.

Pastelaria Briosa
Rua Ferreira Borges, nº 211
3000-180 Coimbra
239 821 617

Pastelaria Penta
Rua da Sofia, n.º 65
3000-390 Coimbra
239 823 571

Pastelaria Arco Íris
Av. Fernão de Magalhães, nº 22
3000-171 Coimbra
239 833 304

Pastelaria Moinho Velho Arnado
Rua João de Ruão, nº 25
3000-229 Coimbra
239 828 614

Estação Doce
Av. Fernão Magalhães, nº 9
3000-392 Coimbra
239 825 388

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