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Lamprey, the delicious fossil in Coimbra

In Coimbra there are many places to eat this fish.

Existing since before there were dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years ago, the lamprey is one of the oldest animal species still in existence. It is called by many a “living fossil” and lives between the river and the ocean, going upstream against the current to reproduce. In Coimbra, it takes advantage of the fish ladder of Açude-Ponte to reproduce in the sands of the River Mondego upstream of the city.

Lamprey Rice, Lamprey Stew or Lamprey “à Bordalesa”… Lamprey is the protagonist fish that annually motivates, between January and April, several festivals around the delicacy. Although there is no consensus and opinions are divided [there are those who do not appreciate it and even reject it] the truth is that there are many who travel long distances and on organized groups just to be able to eat it: the recipes featuring Lamprey are unique, many with secrets that are passed on from generation to generation. Several restaurants, at the beginning of the year, receive calls months in advance from connoisseurs to guarantee a table during the “Lampreia season”.

In Coimbra we highlight: the Nacional Restaurant (239 829 420) where Lamprey is prepared with regional rice, making it special in terms of texture and gum; the Aeminium Restaurant (239 834 035) which, in addition to the traditional  Lamprey Rice, presents 20 different ways of eating Lamprey, captivating younger crowds; the Cova Funda Restaurant (239 825 195) stands out for delighting customers with Roasted Lamprey in the oven, in addition to the traditional Lamprey Rice. Seasonal dishes and subject to reservation.

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