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History & Culture: Salted codfish

Portugal is one of the few countries in the world that eats cod preserved in salt. This popular food, subject to a historical process of conservation, practically shaped the Portuguese cuisine. That is why today is so easy to find national delicacies that include this type of fish.

Cod became extremely popular in Portugal in the 14th century, when the fish became the center of a fishing agreement between the Portuguese and the British. The fish was perfect for meeting people’s needs at the time because it could be salted, becoming a non-perishable product, and was able to endure long journeys. And let’s not forget it was really affordable.

Today, cod is known as the “faithful friend” of the Portuguese and is closely related to Portuguese cuisine thanks to recipes such as cod ‘à Gomes de Sá’, cod ‘à Braz’, cod with cream or baked cod in the oven.

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