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Armazém Vilaça -Restaurant and Museum

One restaurant/museum of Pharmacy in downtown In 2008, Amadeu Carvalho bought two buildings in downtown Coimbra. At the time, degraded and in need of substantial work. He started with the building that still host “Farmácia Vilaça” (Vilaça Pharmacy) today in “Rua Ferreira Borges”. Recently, he put himself

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Visit the “Torre de Almedina”

… and make a trip to the middle ages. From the eleventh century, the “Torre de Almedina” built on the “Arco de Almedina“, had as function to watch and defend the main access door to the interior of the city wall. Due to its strategic importance, it was one of

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Interactive Science Center

A space to explore and that appeals to the five senses. With more than two decades of existence, the “Exploratório – Interactive Science Center” was the first of its kind in Portugal, assuming itself as an entity to promote scientific culture. Several insightful and interactive experiences are

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Sweet News in Downtown

The sweetest portuguese sweets in the shop windows of the “A mais gulosa” “Há alguém mais gulosa do que eu?” (Is there anyone with a sweeter tooth than me?) is the name of the latest pastry shop in downtown Coimbra. A pastry with a different concept. Mafalda Agante, the owner of the space, started by creating a blog

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Pedrosa Store’s in “Baixa de Coimbra”

Open to the public for more than 60 years. It was in 1955 that Mr. Pedrosa opened his first shop in Downtown, in “Largo do Poço” (number 10), at the time a store focused solely on selling shirts (“camisaria”). “Keeping pace with times”, this Store became a

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Antiquarian Bookseller in “Baixa de Coimbra”

Know Miguel de Carvalho. Miguel de Carvalho, although graduated in geological engineering, soon realized that his true passion was books and in 1994 he began his activity as an antiquarian bookseller. He started by opening a bookstore in “Ferreira Borges”, in downtown, that became small for the

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Coimbra is…

Maria João Reis, 49 years … the refuge of love. Ana Castro, 31 years … my home in the world. Andreia Caetano, 27 years … incomparable.

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Uncover the Grand Seminary of Coimbra

One construction with over 250 years. It is next to the “Jardim Botânico” that you find a newly uncovered “treasure” of Coimbra, with over 250 years, it recently opened to the public. We are talking about the “Seminário Maior”, an eighteenth-century Italian art building, built as a grand

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Coimbra Botanical Garden’s Woods

A new bus line that connects the most beautiful places of Coimbra. There is a new bus line that connects “Alta da Cidade” to “Santa Clara”, passing through the Botanical Garden’s woods, these woods have been closed to the public during the last few decades. This new

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Fado of Coimbra

“Coimbra é uma lição, De sonho e tradição, O lente é uma canção, E a Lua a faculdade, O livro é uma mulher, Só passa quem souber, E aprende-se a dizer saudade…” Who does not know this “Canção” of Coimbra?! This and many other Fados which sing

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